After a while, typical fundraisers can start to feel stale for a philanthropy and the people leading it. Doing a 5k year after year and selling candles or baked goods can become tedious and seems like more effort than it’s worth because every other nonprofit is doing the same event and not enough people are patronizing yours. If you really want to stand out in the world of philanthropic fundraisers, it’s time to do something that’s fun and engaging. If you have a unique and interesting fundraiser, more people will want to participate and your charity will raise even more funds than it has before!

Paint night

Paint nights are becoming more and more popular. A local business or company leads a group of people through painting a specific image. These events can be for people of all artistic talents, because the paintings are usually pretty simple. This idea would also work extremely well as a fundraiser, considering paint night tickets often sell out long before the event itself. Advertise that your philanthropy will be hosting a paint night and people can participate for a set amount of money. Buying a simple canvas, brushes, and paints is usually pretty inexpensive, so you can reap in the profits by choosing this fundraiser.

Art and craft auction

While this type of fundraiser occurs fairly often, a lot of nonprofits do not take advantage of it. You can do it free of charge if you find enough local artists and businesses willing to donate goods. Have volunteers contact local businesses and artists to ask if they’d be willing to donate something they made to help out your cause; you’re sure to find a fair amount of people who are happy to help. Lesser known artists will likely be more willing to help you out because the auction gives them a lot of exposure. Once you have your items, advertise the items you’ve received and sell raffle tickets for a moderate amount.

Talent show

Consider hosting a talent show for the locals. Children love talent shows, so try to find young musicians or other young people who have a talent they want to show off. Once you find your performers, sell tickets for a few dollars. Lots of people will want to see their neighbors sharing their talent, so get ready to draw a huge crowd!

Photo contests

Another great and creative fundraising option for your organization is hosting a photo contest. You could make a calendar that your nonprofit sells of the best photos submitted from local people. In order for people to vote, they could pay $1 or a quarter and then whichever pictures raises the most money/votes gets placed in the calendar.

Gallery night

Similar to an auction, consider hosting a gallery night. Find a space your organization can use and tap local artists to see if they’d be willing to donate pieces of their work. Set up the space like a gallery, get some food, and then sell the pieces or tickets to interested people. Consider finding a musician to provide live music and make it as authentic as possible.