The amount of philanthropy has steadily increased over the last several years. With technology making it easy to connect to people from distant countries and cities, we are all more aware of the difficulties others face, whether from sickness, natural disaster, war, poverty, or any number of other issues. While many people participate in philanthropy, not nearly enough do, usually because they believe it takes up too much time and we’re all so busy with work, families, and other activities. However, everyone should participate in philanthropy, for a variety of reasons. Read on to find out the various benefits, for yourself and others, of being involved with philanthropy.

Leads to new connections

Regularly engaging in philanthropy leads to meeting new people who are also involved with the same charities you are, whether they benefit from the charity, work for it, or volunteer their time. You’ll meet people from all different walks of life, with varied experience and interests. If you hadn’t become involved in the philanthropy, you likely would never have connected with these people. These new connections can lead to new job opportunities, mentors, and lasting friendships. You never know where a new connection will lead.

Gives philanthropies help they need

A likely obvious benefit of participating in philanthropy is that you’re helping out a charity and providing it with the volunteer (or monetary) support it needs. Many philanthropies rely completely on volunteers to help them provide the services they’re known for because they wouldn’t have the funds to hire employees or do it without significant help. Without volunteers, many charities wouldn’t be able to continue functioning and helping out others. Even volunteering a little time each month goes a long way.

Creates a happier community

If you choose to volunteer with a local philanthropy, you’re helping create a happier community. Local charities can make a huge difference and help out the people nearby who need assistance. The more support local philanthropies can get, the happier a community will be. Through helping local charities, you’ll be able to see your efforts making a real difference and you’ll live in a happier and healthier neighborhood.

Someone’s life could be changed

You never know when something you might do changes someone else’s life. Even a few hours of your time can be life-changing for someone else. Maybe you volunteer a few hours tutoring high school students or work with displaced families. You can help motivate them to reach their goals and pursue their passions. Some people have never had another person show kindness to them and your attention could make all the difference to their lives.

Healthier emotionally and physically

Finally, a huge reason to participate in philanthropy is how it benefits those who volunteer. By offering your time to a philanthropy, you’ll be healthier, physically and emotionally. You might not think you have time to spare for charity, but you should try to find time no matter how busy you are. Giving your time leads to lower levels or stress, a general feeling of happiness, and a lower risk for illness. While you certainly shouldn’t volunteer just because it’ll benefit you, knowing it can help your health is a good way to motivate you to find time to offer to charities.