Philanthropy is rapidly becoming a major part of people’s daily lives. There are various philanthropies to choose from that would love to have you volunteer your time. When funds are cut in communities and schools, it’s often the arts that suffer. Music programs lose their funding or art teachers no longer have funding for supplies. An annual local craft show that would happen in the park can no longer get money from the city or the town can’t pay for the mural that was planned.

Though the arts often do not receive the monetary support they need, their value is incredible. The benefits of children participating in the arts is well-documented and shows that children are more intelligent and compassionate after they’re exposed to the arts. A great cause to volunteer for is the arts and you have a large variety of options when it comes to how to do so. Here are just a few of the ways you can volunteer with the arts.

School programs

Since schools that cut their budgets often look to the art department first, there’s a pretty good chance that they could use the extra help with art programs after school or need assistance during the school day. The music department could probably use help, as well as clubs related to the arts that host events. Make sure you have all the necessary clearances, then help kids learn more about the arts!

Local theatre

Most towns and cities have some kind of center where performances are done, whether it’s a play or musical group. See if your local theatre needs help facilitating and planning events or simply setting up for rehearsals. Maybe they need people to participate and run programs or help with supplies. Even if you aren’t sure whether or not the local theatre accepts volunteers, contact them and ask.

A museum or gallery

A really great place to volunteer is at a museum or gallery. Oftentimes, these places teach children’s classes over the summer or have events for kids when they aren’t in school. Volunteer to teach a class or lead an activity. You could also get trained to lead tours or help with paperwork and administrative tasks.

Art in the park

It’s pretty common for parks to have events, usually a sculpture exhibit or some kind of performance. If your local park has artists come, offer to help set up for the event or facilitate it. Even if they do not need volunteers, attend the event and consider making a donation. It’ll be an exciting way to spend the day and you’ll support a great cause.

Plan a fundraiser
Maybe you can’t find a specific organization or event that suits you. Consider planning your own event or fundraiser to support an art charity or cause of your choice. You could run a typical fundraiser, or something more fun, like asking people to donate art and then auctioning it off. You might even be able to make it a yearly event, depending on how successful the fundraiser is!